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Welcome to Wiper

We are an agency that’s alive. An agency that learns, changes and grows. We like to work by giving everything, and always asking ourselves what else can be done.

We like to get better, establish processes, create new services, add tools, innovate, invent and add value.

This is how we learned and grew. By making things evolve.

The level of compromise that we pride ourselves with allows us to be just the right amount of bold to be able to question many things, try to change them, defy them, and sometimes even provoke them. Escaping the comfort zone, and leading the client to do the same. Is our permanent goal.

For a long time, we’ve understood that brands have gone from giving information to telling stories, they’ve stopped acting and began interacting, they stopped talking and started creating dialogue. We can no longer talk without listening, we can’t understand without knowing, we can’t communicate without good ideas.

So after 12 years of trying, investigating, venturing, innovating and working, the only thing we can guarantee to our clients, is that we will continue to do it.




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7900 Oak Lane. Suite 400 Miami, FL. (33016) United States

Ciudad de México

Varsovia 36, Col. Juárez, 06600, CDMX, México

San Pablo

Rua Helena, 335, Vila Olimpia, San Pablo, SP - CEP 04552-050, Brasil

Buenos Aires

Darwin 1154 - Cuerpo A, 2º Piso, Loft A. Buenos Aires, Argentina

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